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You have the keys to a life of absolute abundance 

(you just don’t know it yet)

There’s a silent power within you. The power to do, be, and have anything you want. Everyone has it, but few ever tap into it. The secret to unlocking this force of pure potentiality is to work with the Spiritual and Universal Laws. It’s a bit of a cosmic recipe—one I’d love to help you apply to your life.



Self-Mastery Coaching

For entrepreneurs, leaders, and career professionals who want to create prosperity and success with total certainty.

The Prosperity Code Live

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Powerful trainings and workshops that draw on the power of the Universal Laws to create huge prosperity leaps, fast.


Inspiring, empowering talks for groups and organizations to achieve greatness by working with the Universal and Scientific Laws of Success. 

Daily Abundance Drops

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You can listen to them in bed or while walking the dog. The Abundance Drops are easy, simple ways to get grounded and start your day in flow. You’ll have more calm and ease, inspiration and motivation, abundance and prosperity as you go through The Abundance Drops daily.

Start your day in a purposeful way with The Daily Abundance Drops™ — magical moments of wisdom for an exceptional day.

I’m Kisma, your Prosperity Code™ Mentor

If you saw me grabbing a latte in Carlsbad or window shopping with my daughter in NYC, you wouldn’t know I’m a devoted student of India’s pre-eminent spiritual philosopher or a modern interpreter of ancient Universal teachings.

That’s me — the prosperity coach who sails between the practical and the spiritual. With a grounded perspective, I’ll show you how to unleash your divine power within and create astonishing new levels of prosperity. 

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Step into the Kismaverse

Find prosperity in all ways of being, doing, and having

Follow my formula for absolute abundance — a.k.a. The Prosperity Code™ — and the success you seek will find you, in any of these key areas of life.

WEALTH - The Prosperity Code


Everything you attract in life starts with your subconscious mind — including money. Whatever your financial goal may be, I’ll help you do the inner work to magnetize a new level of wealth.

LOVE  - The Prosperity Code


To attract more love, you must be open to receiving it—and that’s where the spiritual work comes in. You’ll find more space to love and be loved, while healing any past wounds.

Kisma - Prosperity Coach
LEADERSHIP - The Prosperity Code


If you aren’t leading your own life (or business), someone else is. Discover your power to steer your reality, while guiding others—all with a spiritual edge.

SPIRITUALITY - The Prosperity Code


Deepening your spirituality will lead you to the best version of you. Connect with your inner spiritual power to master your own intuition and live a life beyond anything you’ve imagined.


Awaken Your Wealth Wisdom & Magnetize Your Manifestations!

Daily Abundance Drops
The Daily Abundance Drops

Start your day in a purposeful way with The Daily Abundance Drops™ — magical moments of wisdom for an exceptional day.

How to create a Vision Board that really works.

The ‘Vision Board That Really Works’ gives you a Vision Board that every single day clarifies what you want in your life and how to get it!

I am forever changed.

“Working with Kisma has opened the door to a level of clarity, understanding and prosperous joy that I could only dream of before meeting her. She weaves together an alchemy of self-knowledge and energy work with ancient, universal laws to create a new operating system for the way we live our lives. I have never felt so full of hope, confidence and peace.”

CEO | Keynote Speaker | Author, Lisa Kahn Designs

A no-brainer investment in myself.

“Kisma has helped me find greater confidence and get rid of all my blocks. It would have taken me 10 years to make these gains on my own. Her coaching is a valuable investment in my life that permeates into my home, relationships, and business.”



I am reaching my goals faster.

“Working with Kisma helped me have more clarity, energy, and access to my intuition. My productivity has increased and I am reaching my goals faster through a greater understanding of my purpose.”

Performer | Choreographer | Coach

Life-changing in so many ways.

“Working with Kisma has been nothing short of amazing. Her teachings shed light on things that I otherwise may have not looked at in a different way. It has been life-changing in so many ways, and on so many levels.”

Functional Medicine and Energy Healer


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Ever wonder what would happen if you spoke to someone the way you speak to yourself? That inner voice can be sneakily degrading. I’m here to tell you that you must treat yourself like the precious being that you are. 
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When you want to Unleash Your Prosperity and Magnetize Your Manifestations-Prosperity Code Live! 
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Contemplation is the differentiator for our own Self-Mastery. If you don’t give yourself the space and time to reflect, life will noisily pass you by. 

Pause and reflect. 
Speak out loud to universe and your guides. 
Tell yourself that you’ve got some magic to create. 


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Top stop doubting things when you get back to your WHY. It’s like being in a gorgeous hot air balloon as you toss out the bags of worry. Lift off. 🩵

Let me know if this was helpful for you🫶
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The thing about life is there’s an art to living it in the best of ways.

Most of us weren’t taught that in school. 📕 

In fact, we were taught to live according to someone else’s values and beliefs. 🙄

If you have dreams and goals it can feel like you’re pushing a brick building up a hill when you take action with someone else’s values.

Some great teachers have said we are offered the chance to step spiritually and metaphysically beyond the current conditioned mind.

Each time we ignore these opportunities, the crossing becomes a bit more difficult because the subconscious wants to hold us back even more.

And, the main reason for not moving forward is fear of the unknown. But thats just being a prisoner of the past. 

We can create our reality based on our own values and beliefs, or we can continue to push the brick building up a hill based on old ways.

Freedom exists in our choices  and our reaches.

In our soul.


That’s what it says on the huge stage monitor off to my right that got cropped out of this 📸

It’s a strong statement.  It often wakes me up in the middle of the night. 

“Am I being who I can be?” 

It’s also a segment that I teach at Prosperity Code Live. (We cover the mindset, energy, and universal laws needed to manifest an exceptional life)

The part that comes after this is identifying what’s in the way of becoming who you can be. 

Then we clear it with processes ( even a sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls with @themysticnextdoor ) 

You can imagine that all of that is like the big reveal for the best version of you. 

There’s more…

Day #2 we activate the exact universal law that aligns for your success and wealth wisdom. 

Then you’ll awaken to a new version of you. The one that you must be because to not would be crushing to your soul. 

There’s constant magic in the air. Potent transformation and boundless beliefs. 

Want to come?

I’d love to have you there. 🩵

The Prosperity Code Live -March 8, 9, (VIP Half Day on 10th)

DM me or head to that bio with all the stuff. 

Love ya,

Action is part of the attraction. Whatever it is you want in life, taking action towards it and for it is a big part of the process. 
Action is vibratory in nature too. 
It’s the insignia of life. 
It’s a cause for the effect you want. 

Let me know if this is helpful ⤵️ -Kisma 

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Prosperity Code Live coming to San Diego March 8th,9th.  This is the #1 transformational event of the year. 

 🔹 Learn how to walk the code of prosperity 
 🔹 Magnetize your money and wealth energy
 🔹 Work with the Laws of the Universe for more flow and ease. 

DM for tickets or head to bio. 
You’ll be thrilled you decided for your prosperity in all ways🧘💰🩵

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It’s a great thing when someone is different from everyone else. This is what should be our normal.

What isn’t normal is when everyone wants to be someone else- or thinks and acts in the same way.

Be, think, and do in your unique way.  The planet will thank you.

Shout out to a few stellar and unique humans that I was so fortunate to spend time with. 
Ian Shen and Merlin O'Brecht
I used to be a classical musician. Practiced a LOT and always had coaching and lessons. 

I think sometimes we assume we can navigate life without a coach. Maybe you can…but at the highest and best level?

If I’ve been on stage or an athlete, you know that having a coach or mentor is key. 🔑 

It’s the same with this game we call life.  It’s brief. Having someone who can help you navigate, create, and elevate makes it flow and prosperous. 🧘💰

Ashram Alchemists is a unique coaching program in that you access your spiritual power for ultimate success in life. 

Alchemists is open for enrollment.