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There’s a silent power within you. The power to do, be, and have anything you want. Everyone has it, but few ever tap into it. The secret to unlocking this force of pure potentiality is to work with the Spiritual and Universal Laws. It’s a bit of a cosmic recipe—one I’d love to help you apply to your life.



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I’m Kisma, your Prosperity Code™ Mentor

If you saw me grabbing a latte in Carlsbad or window shopping with my daughter in NYC, you wouldn’t know I’m a devoted student of India’s pre-eminent spiritual philosopher or a modern interpreter of ancient Universal teachings.

That’s me — the prosperity coach who sails between the practical and the spiritual. With a grounded perspective, I’ll show you how to unleash your divine power within and create astonishing new levels of prosperity. 

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Daily Abundance Drops
The Daily Abundance Drops

Start your day in a purposeful way with The Daily Abundance Drops™ — magical moments of wisdom for an exceptional day.

How to create a Vision Board that really works.

The ‘Vision Board That Really Works’ gives you a Vision Board that every single day clarifies what you want in your life and how to get it!

I am forever changed.

“Working with Kisma has opened the door to a level of clarity, understanding and prosperous joy that I could only dream of before meeting her. She weaves together an alchemy of self-knowledge and energy work with ancient, universal laws to create a new operating system for the way we live our lives. I have never felt so full of hope, confidence and peace.”

CEO | Keynote Speaker | Author, Lisa Kahn Designs

A no-brainer investment in myself.

“Kisma has helped me find greater confidence and get rid of all my blocks. It would have taken me 10 years to make these gains on my own. Her coaching is a valuable investment in my life that permeates into my home, relationships, and business.”



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“Working with Kisma helped me have more clarity, energy, and access to my intuition. My productivity has increased and I am reaching my goals faster through a greater understanding of my purpose.”

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“Working with Kisma has been nothing short of amazing. Her teachings shed light on things that I otherwise may have not looked at in a different way. It has been life-changing in so many ways, and on so many levels.”

Functional Medicine and Energy Healer


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I was thinking about why it can be scary to work on yourself. In the spiritual sense, which I see as true personal development and bio-hacking…

(This is because you can dial in your habits, drink a bunch of cold pressed juice, and cold plunge away- but if you don’t know what you have access to, you’ll eventually feel that missing piece after the adrenaline wears off )

I watch people take their spiritual journey to a place that is comfortable. They get to say they are doing the work, but then avoid their next big step into it. 

It makes sense.

When I started this quest decades ago it was way more fun to feel good about myself because I went to a yoga class or meditation room, or hung out with ‘conscious’ people. 

It was all a farce. 😕

The depth of what you can discover happens when you hit the edge and decide to move through it. 

To face the fears and tragedies the world threw in front of you and realize a new strength because of them. 🙏

It’s when you are acutely aware of your words (like we spent an entire month focused on inside the Ashram Alchemists) because those words help define your reality like an  electrical storm lights up the night sky. 🌩️

It’s not easy to stand in the storm. What is easy is that when you have the courage to do so, you realize WHO you are. 

The best version starts to emerge

It speaks differently 

It walks taller

It talks less


So if you ever think doing the spiritual work is about retreating back to the safe corners of your home and not being tousled in life, it isn’t. 

You get to have that time. It’s ok. 

But be willing to face the stuff that makes you feel scared or not enough. 

That’s the incredible work. 

The realization of new perspectives and a new reality. 

That’s the work and the effect of it is becoming unshakable. 

One of the things I caution my clients about is “magical thinking”. 

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in magic, miracles, and manifesting. 

Yet there’s a science to these, a natural order of laws. 

Thoughts are things. We know this. Yet the potency of your thought determines the potency of its attraction magnet. 

This is why 95% of your thoughts are the same as yesterday and days before and either not doing much or keeping you in a mundane cycle. 

The true Spiritual Key is to be AWARE and PRESENT to what you are thinking. And of course to what you are SPEAKING. 

Then, Take Magnificent Action towards your dreams. Action is the insignia of life. 

The universe does not challenge you. We humans challenge ourselves when we slip out of awareness and into mundane. 

Be Illuminated. 
Take action with that illuminated energy. 

Then you’ll realize something exceptional- life, the way you want it. 
Let’s get it straight… if you want to manifest, thinking about doing something is not the same potent energy as DOING. 

Action is the insignia of life. Sitting back and waiting for you to feel ready may just be a lifetime of sitting back. 

Intend. Focus. Visualize. Act. 

Life becomes exceptional when you take magnificent action. (And it’s ok to mess up. Make a wrong turn. I do it. Most people do)

You are the architect. The Universe is the energy bank. 

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Be the architect of your life. @kismaawake 

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Let’s not allow an old paradigm code control the reality we create. You get to access a new paradigm code and therefore a new way of being, doing, and receiving. 

It takes awareness of Self to do this and that’s what’s so exciting about true spiritual and personal growth. You become the BEST version of you. 


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I’m not sure when I first realized I had unseen help. But I just knew that there had to be spiritual beings out there willing to help. 

It’s been part of my work as a coach for nearly a decade- accessing and activating a Higher Power. 💫

I particularly love when I can bring this to my clients. The relief, support and love one feels when connecting to their own team is incredible. 

Today, inside my Ashram Alchemist group, I led 22 people to work with their spiritual team. 

It was a profound experience to witness the ease and flow, as well as the connection to what exists for us all. 

2 people had physical pain that dissolved. Another had clear guidance on next action steps. 

Tears were shed. 
Abundance and joy were felt. 

It was a moment in time that they will access again and again. 

That is transformation 

Not sure about you, but being a coach is about deciding for miracles. 

Once you get that, life changes dramatically. You become this incredible architect of your own best life. 


When focus allows for spontaneity you know you’re in the right place. Learn from those who see you, grow with those who care for you, laugh with those who love you. 🩵 

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Any idea what @takimoore  is saying to @danmartell ? 🤭 Masters at work.
Let’s talk Manifesting, not in the get your new Lamborghini or stacks of cash way (all fun and I fully support having what you want as long as your happiness isn’t dependent upon it)…but manifesting in the way that brings you composure, Confidence, CERTAINTY…

 🔸We are always manifesting. Yet most people are playing ping pong with The Universe. Wanting this, doubting that. So you get results that confuse and diminish your mind power. 

🔸 Visualizing WHO YOU ARE when you have realized your goals is a potency shift. 

 🔸When the soul and mind are united, the image you see takes on a sharpness and clarity that can manifest rapidly. 

So why is it that you dream great dreams only to keep chasing them? 🤔 In life, what mostly happens is that the thought center- mind- doubts whatever the soul strives for and the process takes on obstacles. 

You can walk through those obstacles, find solutions, but you’ll have to let your soul lead. Use that fabulous thinking part of your mind to create a plan of action and to create a vision slide that you see constantly. 

Manifesting is a way of being. We humans complicate it mostly with doubt. That doubt dissipates when soul and heart align. 

🧠+ 🩵+ 🕉️

-Kisma @kismaawake 
Here’s a game changer for you… shift from competitive mind to creative mind.  Be magnetized for what you do want, rather than destabilized because of comparison. 

Lean into my confidence in you:
 🔸 Express from your truth, your heart- you’ll drop into an aligned state
 🔸 It’s ok to have some fear around expanding into a new way of being, but use the fear as an energy that you face and redirect 
 🔸Use the Law of Increase to want prosperity and success for yourself AND others. 

Do you. Create. Avoid comparing. Praise thing you admire in others. 

What do ya think? Possible? 

I invite you, nudge you, love on you- to know and deeply realize there’s a part of you so powerful and ready to realize. 

 🔹Your mind is part of Universal Mind
 🔹 Infinite possibilities exist
 🔹 You’re writing a life story and it can be magnificent 

Let me know what you are going to expand beyond what you previously thought possible. 

I’d love to know and treat it with intention for you. 🫶


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