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There’s a silent power within you. The power to do, be, and have anything you want. Everyone has it, but few ever tap into it. The secret to unlocking this force of pure potentiality is to work with the Spiritual and Universal Laws. It’s a bit of a cosmic recipe—one I’d love to help you apply to your life.



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“Breaking through to abundance – a transformative journey in wealth and legacy with Kisma.”

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“Self-realization and perseverance – PCL has shown me to trust the work I put in every day for greater things to come.”


“Seeing the possible in my future, PCL coaching turned my dreams into tangible creations.”

“Every single time I invest in myself with PCL, my life expands and great things come”

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I’m Kisma, your Prosperity Code™ Mentor

If you saw me grabbing a latte in Carlsbad or window shopping with my daughter in NYC, you wouldn’t know I’m a devoted student of India’s pre-eminent spiritual philosopher or a modern interpreter of ancient Universal teachings.

That’s me — the prosperity coach who sails between the practical and the spiritual. With a grounded perspective, I’ll show you how to unleash your divine power within and create astonishing new levels of prosperity. 

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Everything you attract in life starts with your subconscious mind — including money. Whatever your financial goal may be, I’ll help you do the inner work to magnetize a new level of wealth.

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To attract more love, you must be open to receiving it—and that’s where the spiritual work comes in. You’ll find more space to love and be loved, while healing any past wounds.

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If you aren’t leading your own life (or business), someone else is. Discover your power to steer your reality, while guiding others—all with a spiritual edge.

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Deepening your spirituality will lead you to the best version of you. Connect with your inner spiritual power to master your own intuition and live a life beyond anything you’ve imagined.

Master Universal Laws to Turn Your Dreams into Reality

3 Days to Personal Freedom

The Secret to Manifesting Lies Within You and Your Access to Universe. This Training Will Show You the Spirituality and Science Behind Manifesting.

Daily Abundance Drops
The Daily Abundance Drops

Start your day in a purposeful way with The Daily Abundance Drops™ — magical moments of wisdom for an exceptional day.

How to create a Vision Board that really works.

The ‘Vision Board That Really Works’ gives you a Vision Board that every single day clarifies what you want in your life and how to get it!

I am forever changed.

“Working with Kisma has opened the door to a level of clarity, understanding and prosperous joy that I could only dream of before meeting her. She weaves together an alchemy of self-knowledge and energy work with ancient, universal laws to create a new operating system for the way we live our lives. I have never felt so full of hope, confidence and peace.”

CEO | Keynote Speaker | Author, Lisa Kahn Designs

A no-brainer investment in myself.

“Kisma has helped me find greater confidence and get rid of all my blocks. It would have taken me 10 years to make these gains on my own. Her coaching is a valuable investment in my life that permeates into my home, relationships, and business.”



I am reaching my goals faster.

“Working with Kisma helped me have more clarity, energy, and access to my intuition. My productivity has increased and I am reaching my goals faster through a greater understanding of my purpose.”

Performer | Choreographer | Coach

Life-changing in so many ways.

“Working with Kisma has been nothing short of amazing. Her teachings shed light on things that I otherwise may have not looked at in a different way. It has been life-changing in so many ways, and on so many levels.”

Functional Medicine and Energy Healer


Illumination Podcast
Illumination Podcast

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When the world seems chaotic, there's one place you can turn …
Surround yourself with people who can see their own full potential. They will then see yours…

… and have fun conversations at dinner, such as remote viewing, sound healing, hypnosis. 🤗

This was like a mini Prosperity Code Live reunion! 

Love these humans.
When the world seems as if it’s coming to a screeching halt- find your center. 

It’s the place within you that gives you a reset, a bigger perception, a bigger smile. 

Expanded consciousness is needed on the 🌎 right now. But that doesn’t  come from cold plunges, bio-hacking, and other things that can be enlightening at the moment (🍄). True consciousness at a higher plane means you slide your ego aside, tap into your God Spark within, and see the potentiality in all beings. 

In other words, it’s not an I conversation, it’s a WE conversation. 

It helps to have people around you who see their own full potential. Then they can see yours. 

That becomes a potent combo of energies. 

Big hug to my entrepreneur Goddesses who make this planet a better place- @themarydee and @heartandsloane 🙏💜

I can’t help but ponder what the Universe has for us. It’s limitless in pure potentiality. Humbling. 

If we stay in receptivity, we can see the micro events in our day to day lives that reveal the magic being the scenes. 

The parking spots that open up just like that. A friend that messages you after you’ve thought about them. A gift from someone or an unexpected check. 

I often think these micro events are nudges from the universe to remind us all that belief is everything. Because your belief is your energy. 

My wish for you is to pause and allow yourself a moment to see the magic that is within and around you. 

Let it ignite something so incredible in your heart that you see all that is possible and keep moving towards your dreams. 

Let’s anchor in one dream below. I’ll start: I’ll schedule the first Soul Code retreat and host it in my home here in Las Vegas. 

You? ⬇️
Fueled and Guided by Intuition. 
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Sometimes we need to adjust our perspective to accomplish what we want- and BE who we want to be. 

When we get used to doing this, we bring in so many opportunities and be ways of seeing things. 

Not sure about you, but nothing creative happens in my universe when I feel restricted- yet so many of us have learnt that behavior. 🤷🏼‍♀️

If you’ve been itching to expand in your way of being, doing, having, take a pause and pivot your perspective. 

✨How could I see this differently?
✨What is on the other side of this experience that could be miraculous?
✨What is it giving me so that I am even more resilient than  ever?

Everything we desire is here for us. Yet we do need to focus and put our cheat intention towards it… and of course, take magnificent action!

XO @kismaawake
Quick recap on Science of Manifesting. We focused on 4 Universal Laws
 ✨Law of Vibration
 ✨Law of Supply
 ✨Law of Non-Resistance 
 ✨Law of Forgiveness 

If you missed it, I’ll be letting this training audio later in July. 

Let me know what you’re waiting to manifest now and jeers shape a reality you love. 
@kismaawake s
The other day I messaged a friend/colleague and asked him if I could share something that was a bit “woo”.

He was totally all for it and in fact surprised me with his woo banter. 🪄🪄

It made me realize highly successful individuals understand that the absence of evidence is not evidence of its absence.

I think there are those people who realize there’s an alternate way of doing things these days. 

That the intangible is what creates the tangible. 🕉️

It’s way better than the herd which is basically being present to the unpleasant. 

Or looking for something to be disappointed in or blame because things aren’t going like you want them to... (and then you compare yourself to someone else, which just totally sucks and is a misuse of energy.) 

I’ve been running the Ashram Alchemists™ for years now and every month I do a Metaphysical Energy call.  It’s the “wooist” of all the calls I do and I love it.

That happened this week and it was a deep Soul Level Clearing. 

Because there’s a lot of past stuff that gets embedded in our belief system at the energetic DNA level —and if we want to see life through a clear lens, we gotta clear the energy.

Change the paradigms.

Be Present to Universal Mind instead of the unpleasant.

Stay committed at a spiritual and soul level so that the human mind isn’t the only mind we have access to.

That’s the spiritual and energetic power that is possible. As long as we ponder with  both the human and spiritual minds, we’ll expand what we have access to in ways we never thought possible. 


P.S. Alchemists is open for enrollment. Message me if you want to find your center. The calm within is powerful.