Hey there, I’m Kisma, Your Prosperity Code Mentor and creator of The Prosperity Code™—a 90 day system to awaken your inner wealth intelligence and magnetize your prosperity in all ways—wealth, health, love and spirituality.  

I love working with people who are mission driven and want to understand and embody the highest teachings of the Universe.

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Referred to as quite possibly the most significant course on spirituality for modern day living, this online training provides grounded teachings on spirituality for Self Mastery and Success.



Join Kisma and Nick for the award winning podcast bringing you ancient teachings for modern day success. Find well known guests being interviewed as well as insightful conversations between Nick and Kisma



Meditation is an arrival- a peace within. Join Kisma as she takes you on a journey of high frequency meditations so that you can get unstuck, re-ignited and connected to the Unique Ultimate Energy of Source.

of Kisma’s coaching programs! 


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Join Kisma for her weekly videos on how to balance life, tap into your greatness and learn how to be in the world yet not affected by it.

Kisma’s Mantrasnacks

Bites of wisdom useable in modern day times. Kisma will share divine mantras, writings and affirmations that are designed to elevate you for a new way of being, doing and having.

Free Online Training

Join Kisma for a free video training on How to Discover Your Life Purpose so that you can experience more alignment, achievement and success.

The amount I invested in this two month program is equivalent to my typical self growth investment for the year. I definitely took time to consider if it was a wise choice for me. From every moment I have felt yes it is. The topic was exactly what I’ve been looking for. Although I am quite intuitive, I have challenges in areas that I am emotionally connected to. However, for this I felt strongly that it would help me overcome my weaknesses. At halfway through the program I made back half the investment in additional sales. My career confidence is definitely stronger and clearer.

– Michelle Sobala, Website Developer, Entrepreneur

Kisma is one of today’s top spiritual teachers and thought leaders

– Toby Alexander

I have spent years searching for information that spoke to my journey. Many times I have begun a course only to find that it wasn’t what I needed and I would discontinue my study of it. Kisma’s Science of Spirituality is different. I am not sure if it is the way you explain it or if it is the material but I am very excited to finish the whole thing. So please know that you are reaching people and helping them become the light that they are.

– Anne Douglas, Teacher

Kisma has been an amazing gifted mentor and transformational guide for me and my business. She has helped with at every step of the way of identifying and clearing limiting beliefs and blocks. I have expanded into new arenas of self-discovery and also understanding my target audience. My monthly income increased after implementing the strategies that Kisma has outlined for me. I am indebted to her genius, support, intuitive insight, and overall caring. Anyone looking to expand their life and/or business should take advantage of this rare opportunity- she is a gem! 

– Dr. Anne Deatly, Energy Medicine, CEO Quantum Breakthrough

Kisma has guided me to clear negative programs and beliefs that were preventing me from reaching my goal of $50,000/Month. I now have so much more insight, clarity, confidence and freedom in my business!

– Hannah, Entrepreneur

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