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Prosperity (n.) 

The condition of being successful or thriving; Having a rich and full life in wealth, leadership, love, and spirituality.

Kisma Orbovich

Clients have called me a “miracle worker,” but “so not weird”

Just like you, I’m a spiritual being having a human experience. One minute I’m channeling the ancient teachers and talking to the Universe, the next minute I’m closing a business deal while grabbing a vegan burger down the street.

I can navigate the spiritual and physical worlds like Google Maps of the Galaxy.

It’s my secret to manifesting an abundant life that has me in constant awe and gratitude — and I’m here to show you how to create the same.

I’m the prosperity coach you didn’t know you needed

“Prosperity” isn’t a word we often use in our modern lingo, but it’s exactly the thing we all want.

More success. More money. More love. More confidence. (The list goes on.)

Most people spend their lives chasing it, but here’s the thing:

You have the innate power
to create unimaginable prosperity.

I know it because I’ve tapped that inner power in my own life and taught thousands of clients how to find it, too — through understanding the Spiritual and Universal Laws.

There’s a force within you, connected to a force without. When you learn to connect and synchronize these forces, that’s when everything you touch turns to abundance.

My unusual journey is an asset to upgrading yours

Kisma Musician
I began my career...

I began my career as an international classical musician, where I learned the mental art and science of peak performance.

From there, my intuition...

From there, my intuition led me to open a successful yoga studio and study with the top teachers in India.

Yoga with Kisma
The Blessed Crystal
After that I turned...

After that, I turned my efforts into a rewarding coaching practice and profitable online crystals shop.

It’s a bit random, yes — and it’s also my edge in coaching leaders, entrepreneurs,
and career professionals to realize their highest potential.

I bring you the mental, spiritual, and practical tricks to prosperity — all rolled into one.


Things that prove I’m human
(and not sitting on some spiritual throne)

Kisma's Furry Friends

I love my furry friends

Currently, I share my home with 2 cats: Pecan, and Merlin. They avoid me but I still adore them.

Kisma & Nick

I have an amazing life and spiritual partner

He’s Nick Hansinger, a.k.a. The Mystic Next Door. Work with me and you’ll get to soak up his awesome energy knowledge.

Kismas Great Boots

I’m not above Netflix

Or expensive boots. Or good red wine. The fun things make life full and I’ll never tell you not to enjoy them.

Kisma and her daughter

I’m a parent

My lovely daughter is an incredible writer, living on the opposite coast. I fully understand the emotional juggle that is parenting.

Kisma Can't Cook

I can’t cook

That’s what guys are for 😉 I will burn anything I attempt to put on the stove, no matter what. I accept this.


Flute was my instrument

I played around the U.S. and in the Hong Kong Philharmonic. (I’ve since laid my flute to rest, at least for now.)

From corporate CEOs to first-time business owners, the Spiritual and Universal Laws can help anyone rise to new levels of prosperity.

"So much shifted for me."

“The retreat was an incredible weekend. So much shifted for me. Truly transformational. Thank you Kisma and everyone who attended. It was so beautiful to spend time with you all.”

Speaker and Founder of Old Chicks Know Sh*t

"I feel so held, loved, safe, seen and heard."

I feel so held, loved, safe, seen and heard. I feel so blessed and so grateful! I am thankful for this amazing group who has guided and supported me so I can get to this point. Thank you. Thank you.” 

Artistic Director and Singer/Songwriter

"Amazing what transpires when we believe in ourselves."

“I’m styling a TV show! Me a year ago is a bit shocked 😉
Amazing what transpires when we believe in ourselves.”

Independent Stylist

"I feel amazing and liberated!"

“I feel amazing and liberated!  Thank you all for your support, checking in, your stories…Kisma Donna Orbovich and Nick Hansinger!  Forever grateful I found you!”

Owner and CEO at Trader’s Transformation Academy

And if you were looking for the “official” bio…here it is:


Kisma Orbovich, creator of The Prosperity Code™, CEO of Illumination Academy™, and Co-Host of Illumination Podcast™, is an expert at helping leaders, entrepreneurs, and career professionals master their life and business through understanding the principles of the Spiritual and Universal Laws.

In addition to producing her award-winning podcast and live events, Kisma is a sought-after guest speaker and teacher across industries. She has appeared on many stages and been featured in USA Today, Entrepreneur.com, Thrive Global, and more.

Prior to opening her coaching business, Kisma was a professional flutist with the Hong Kong Philharmonic and owner of Yoga Shelter Grosse Pointe. When she isn’t coaching clients to greater heights, she’s running her online crystals shop, The Blessed Crystal, or studying Vedanta philosophy with a Nespresso in hand.


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