Calm is a state of being. And it’s one that allows our creative and intuitive forces to merge together and do cool things in life.

Agitation is also a state of being. When your mind is agitated it views the world through a cloudy lens, a perturbed lens.

It’s a bit like being in a constant state of fluster. That creates energy bleed, which then sets you up on the wheel of fatigue and frustration.

Letting go is key, but HOW?

What is the secret to having enough objectivity that stuff floats off and dissipates like a cloud of steam off the top of your oat milk latte?

Here’s my formula and I’ll toss in an affirmation, and a video for you to use this week.

1) Be willing to CHANGE the movie that is running in your mind. This starts with identifying all the assumptions you make about another person, an event, or even overly identifying with how you are feeling.

Before you know it, you’ve got a really bad B movie of your perceived life rolling in what is your most powerful place— your MIND.

“I’m willing and ready to flip the script into a masterpiece.”

2) Get visual. Think of your next reaction or “trigger” as a plug attached to an electrical cord. It happens to be plugged into your solar plexus, right below your ribs. UNPLUG THAT CORD.

Use that imagination of yours to unplug and toss the cord. Clap your hands to change the energy. (It’s fun to clap your hands in public, because people start clapping with you, but they don’t know why.)

Take a breath and I think you’ll be amazed at how much more air you bring in. 😉

3) PAUSE. This is for non-visual and visual humans. When you pause, you give space. Space allows introspection. You can then inquire, “Do I want this trigger to stick around?”

Note- if you say “yes”, um, ask again. Ask until you are ready to unplug it.

4) Ask yourself a higher question. This can be something such as: “I wonder what creative thought is trying to find its way in once I LET GO of this trigger? What miracle is trying to make itself known to me?”

I call this paying attention to the magic around you. The miracles.

Magic and miracles won’t find their way in if you are full of trigger plugs. Unplug and ask and be ready to hear a higher thought.

If you watch this video, comment below as to whether or not it’s helpful.

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