Hey there- I’m Kisma. And I’m about to get cosmic on you.

 One of my favorite clients refers to me as a miracle worker,
but ‘so not weird’.’ 


If you were to see me walking my blind Boston Terrier (Leonard) in Carlsbad, CA or beating the streets of NYC with my daughter Zoe, you’d have no idea that I geek out on expensive Japanese incense, have rare crystals throughout my home (no cat hair, please) and I talk to the Universe every morning.

They call me The Wealth Healer. The Love Healer. The Prosperity Code Mentor. (Take your pick.)

Just like you, I’m a spiritual being in a physical body, trying to make sense of our world. Just call me Spirit Girl.

And what I want more than anything is for you (yes YOU) to have life happen for you rather than to you.

My time as an international classical musician taught me mindset for peak performance.

The global journeys following that career taught me that we humans have access to a power that is nothing short of miraculous. And it’s true—it’s in you and around you.

I just help you figure out how to work with it.

As one of my mentors told me, “It’s shockingly right to be prosperous”. And that means in ALL ways— wealth, health, love and spirituality. But first, there’s some healing to do, and that’s where I come in…

My clients tell me I help them figure out how to make the Universe their best friend. It’s a good friend to have. You’ll never want for anything and you’ll always feel confident.

I’m a philosopher and healer, a coach and guide. I read the really old, heavy stuff and watch Netflix.  I’m addicted to expensive boots and enjoy good red wine. 

You might find me philosophizing at 5 star hotels —but I’ll gladly sit with the monks on a bare floor and meditate. Life is a beautiful design of duality. 

Prosperous thinking is the way to success. 

Fun and appreciation make life full. 

My clients are creatives and leaders who want wealth and to make a difference.

Is that you? Here’s what you need to know:

You have an innate wisdom around wealth and prosperity.  Yes, you.

I’ll help you uncover it. 

When you do, life will never be the same. 

You might even turn into a unicorn at night. We can keep that part secret.

We love enlightening your life

one episode at a time.