The Complete Coaching Methodology and Certification to Coach Yourself and Your Clients to Anything You Want Using the Spiritual and Universal Laws.

A Prosperous Coaching Experience and Training With Kisma 

The Complete Coaching Methodology and Certification to Coach Yourself and Your Clients to Anything You Want Using the Spiritual and Universal Laws.

A Prosperous Coaching Experience and Training With Kisma 

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You have the innate ability to make miracles
& architect the life you’re here to live— and help others do the same. 

You have done deep work in your personal development and worked hard to build the career or business, and life you have now. 
Yet, you know there is something MORE for you to TAP INTO...

...a way of being, doing, and having that is beyond ordinary— a way of living life like the MASTERS knew and taught.

Self-Certain no matter what
True Happiness

There's a code that the ancient wise ones knew and lived. These teachings have been passed down and are the secret key to modern day success in ALL ways— Wealth, Leadership, Love, Spirituality. 

And, you can have this and coach others to realize the same.

  • A Mindset of Unlimited Possibility 
  • ​A Deep and Profound Connection with Spirit
  • ​Self-Certainty no Matter What
  • ​The ability to manifest rapidly
  • ​Leadership and Communication that Expands ALL Relationships (professional, intimate, friendships)

Despite years of self-development and coaching, you're either not manifesting with ease or you've hit a ceiling...and you are READY to SOAR to a new level.

Want to hear the good news?

I know exactly why incredibly powerful people like you struggle to master the skill of manifestation and shaping reality using the teachings and coaches available.

What I’m about to share with you is the most exciting breakthrough of my entire career. 

(and no one is teaching this...)

I'm teaching the merger of Ancient Wisdom with Modern Day Neuroscience that will open the door of incredible opportunities for you.

The Complete Coaching  Methodology and Certification to Self Coach Your Way (and Your Clients) to Anything You Want Using our Proprietary Frameworks: Prosperity Code™ and Coaching Aikido (Harmonizing Energy)

My energy shifted right away.

"My experience with Kisma unleashed a new level of self mastery and creativity in my life and business...almost indescribable. This is an essential program for life, prosperity, and success."

Monicka Clio Sakki

The Self Magic Mentor

Over the next 4 months, you’ll learn how to:

Transcend your BELIEFS and those of your clients so that you can actually assume your throne of greatness in life. 
You will have access to the most EFFECTIVE COACHING tools on the planet and use them to shift your life and those of your clients if you have or want a coaching practice.

Not only will you learn the tools to Master SELF, you will help others achieve the same.

Making miracles will soon be second nature.
Once you overcome these 4 main issues that stop
your manifesting power in its tracks,
you’ll feel unstoppable.


Let go of any settling energy. Stop tolerating what you KNOW isn’t right for you. Fully own the magnificence of what you really want and call that in. The Universe is inspired to co-create when YOU are inspired by what you’re creating.

Start living with a level of Self-Certainty in ALL areas of your life.

You have unlimited potential but you activate it by the way you SHOW UP. When you believe in a possibility absolutely, you act as if it’s already on its way. Being able to let go of the worry, doubt, and fear that inevitably comes up, you’ll be showing the Universe you mean business, and the Universe always delivers on what you DEMAND (not what you wish for).

Raise your “VIBE” anytime, anywhere.

When you find yourself in the muck, learn to shift yourself in the moment without having to go to the well to receive the inspiration you need. Give yourself a “spiritual attitude adjustment” any time you know you’re not aligned with your desires, and create the alignment you need without having to buy another program or wait around for your next coaching call.

Expand your spiritual container for NEW ways of BEING, DOING, and RECEIVING.

Believe it or not, everything you desire has already been created. The path to drawing it into your physical reality requires being able to hold it in your energetic field. Many of your manifestations are simply “on hold” waiting for the expansion of your energetic container. Learn to receive at new and abundant levels, so your manifested desires can finally make their way to you.

 you experience:

  • Flow & Ease
  • Peace & Joy
  • Prosperity & Abundance
  • Confidence & Certainty

When you live by your Survival-Based Ego’s Operating System, you experience:





So what is The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method & Certification and why is it the key to creating your BEST life? 

Imagine for a moment if all the spiritual teachings in the Universe were boiled down into a little booklet the size of your iPhone.

Inside this little black book of miracles, right at the back, there’s a simple set of instructions for how to live your life in alignment with the natural, successful flow of the Universe - your Divine Operating System.

This alignment unlocks your ability to see behind people's eyes and hear beyond what they say.  You'll learn (and be able to utilize) The Prosperity Code™  and The Coaching Aikido™ Method  that set us apart from other coaching methods. It's all about defining true desires and  harmonizing energy— first in yourself and then in your clients if you are a coach or want to become one.

When you learn...

You’re able to consistently live in alignment with


  • You are a spiritual being having a human experience.
  • ​You are made of the same Universal Substance that makes up everything else in the Universe.
  • ​You can direct the flow of this Universal Substance to magnetize the reality that you want to be living (but only if you stay in alignment with the flow!)
  • ​Your past experiences, results, and habits have no power over your future when you decide to shift to miracle living.
  • ​You can create anything you desire, and helps others to do the same.  You'll have the courage to believe in the possibility and manifest a reality you love — because you'll have Self-Certainty, no matter what.

You'll have access to our unique coaching methodologies, The Prosperity Code™ and Coaching Aikido™ to use on your clients, self, or to be a better communicator and navigator of life.

What if  the ability to Master your Self, so that you could Master Life could be as predictable as sunrise and sunset?

With Prosperity Code™ Self-Coaching and Coaching Aikido, it is.

 I am so grateful.

"I find for each challenge I am facing there is some answer in the teachings that feels like such a blessing. I can see shifts in my prosperity in all areas of my life and I am so grateful. Thank you."

Jill Secker

Professional Supervisor, Occupational Therapist, & Work Well Being Coach


Access Your Own Spiritual Power & Limitless Possibility On Demand with The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method. 

The cosmos and all of creation are like the ocean -- with eddys, waves, and crashes. Masters of manifesting don’t try to find calm seas. When they manifest, they “surf the Universe” by navigating their own internal storm.

Here’s how manifesting prosperity really works.


Most people try to manifest based on past experiences and what they think they can get, rather than what they really want. The Prosperity Code Coaching Method™ shows you how to tap into new possibilities without the heavy burden of your past experiences, limiting beliefs, and sabotage patterns. When you decide to be prosperous, you connect with a new possibility that makes you feel alive. Together, we’ll architect a new reality that distills your desired possibilities into physical form.


Doubt, fear, and worry are prosperity disruptors. Faith in your new possibility is - by definition - the absence of these energies. Most people don’t have the spiritual fortitude to maintain vibrational alignment with their desires. They dip in and out of alignment, which results in their desires taking a long time to manifest, if at all. The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method gives you the tools to maintain vibrational alignment with your desires - and clear what’s in the way. The program includes energy-specific clearing & cord cutting techniques to address:

  • Lack
  • ​Resentment
  • ​Anger
  • ​Frustration
  • ​Guilt
  • ​Shame
  • ​Jealousy
  • ​Comparison
  • ​Perfectionism
  • ​Self-doubt

These are the real prosperity disruptors that are stopping your abundant flow.


The resistance will ebb and flow as you take action and practice manifesting your desires. Surfing this resistance on your own, without the need for a mentor or coach, requires techniques and skills that only self-spiritual coaching can offer. When you know how to go within to manage the “oceans of creation”, your tipping point keeps getting pushed to a stronger place where you no longer collapse beneath the waves. Instead, you surf them - moment by moment. The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method gives you the spiritual instruction manual for making this possible, without all the complexity that weighs down other strategies.


We all know the Universe isn’t coming to write you a check while you sit on the couch. Manifesting energies are creative energies. They move you to action steps that are revealed to you as you maintain focus and accelerate your path to the life you design. This blissful state of action attracts everything you want because your vibration remains consistently aligned with the energy of your desired manifestation.


You’re always attracting and manifesting according to your vibration. For this reason, keeping your energy field clear and powerful requires daily practice. Without self-spiritual coaching techniques, you need to wait for your coach or healer to practice releasing, cutting cords, and healing any new or past blocks that stop the Universal flow. With The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method, you’ll be able to master the ability to use these techniques in your own life, so you can access the 90% of cosmic possibility that you’re currently separate from. This critical work is essential to showing the Universe that you believe in yourself as the ultimate miracle worker.

I’ll show you how to surf the Universe like a master manifester.

I’m known for tough & tender truths, so here’s one for you. Your vibe is currently NOT an energetic match for your desires -- but it will be soon.

You don’t need more inspiration.
You need the spiritual instruction manual for manifesting what you really want in record time.

The most prevalent issue I see among those who struggle with manifestation (which is 99% of the population) is they can’t see when they’re in blame, lack, victim, or self-ridicule.

They think the block is something other than what it is, so they waste precious time and energy looking for answers in all the wrong places.

Coaches and spiritual teachers will be happy to keep selling you belief solutions to keep you coming back to the well. And please hear me when I say, “There’s nothing wrong with buying these!”

My mission as a spiritual entrepreneur and business mentor is to teach you how to access your own well FIRST by mastering the ability to find and clear these blocks yourself - and then you are free to supplement with any other trainings or teachings you feel inspired to study.

You’ve always had direct access to Source - but the instructions on how to live by your Divine Operating System have been unclear… until now!

It’s essential that you learn self-spiritual coaching so that you are never at the mercy of the next training, course, program, or book. You have the same ability to access Source energy that anyone else does.

But there’s never been a simple set of instructions on accessing this energy -- until now. The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method is that divine instruction manual for creating miracles on demand.

Let’s take a look at exactly what you’ll learn inside

The Complete Spiritual Self- Coaching Methodology for
Learning to Live by Your Divine Operating System

I'm reminded of my truest self 

"Kisma is the real deal. Every time I take a training with her, I feel profoundly connected to both my own inner knowing, and All That Is. I'm not easily impressed - I've studied with many teachers, read the books, and gone on the quests. But I love and trust Kisma's approach, and it's clear that she does the work and she runs clean."

Sinclair Kennally

CEO Vision Nation

If you really look at all the other programs and books you’ve read, they all have four essential things in common.

They contain bits and pieces of the essential cosmic map to manifesting but they never actually give you all the pieces you need to fully master the skill of manifesting your desires.

Here are the four spiritual self- coaching skills you need to master to be able to manifest miracles on demand:

1. Use SELF-INQUIRY to intuit your true desires. (not what someone else has decided for you!)

2. Use SELF INTROSPECTION to IDENTIFY what is blocking you on all levels.

3. Use ENERGY CLEARING techniques to remove blocks and limiting beliefs, as well as OLD paradigms.

4. Use SPIRITUAL ACTIVATION techniques to elevate your vibration to become a vibrational match for your desires.


Your next miracle is just one vibration away...

Will you decide to learn how to think with Universal law and rewire your belief system to welcome in a new prosperous paradigm?

Kisma's content is life changing.

Jenn Aspinwall

Copy Director & Brand Expert

In 4 months, 
you can accomplish all this:

  • Reconnect with the Truth of who you really are
  • ​Make the Universe your best friend.
  • ​Replace persistent negative thinking with a new abundant manifesting lens
  • ​Incorporate the four simple skills that give you the ability to connect to your own Source-well and draw inspiration and creative power at any time
  • ​Design a new life based on your truest, deepest desires… not those put upon you by your parents or society
  • ​Architect miracles from scratch 
  • ​Manage your energy and elevate your vibration to become an energetic match for your desires
  • ​Gently uncover and release the deeply held stresses, limitations, and sabotage patterns that disrupt your miraculous magnetism and stop your Universal flow
  • ​Live as a miracle worker, creating the health, wealth, love, and spirituality that you’ve always wanted and share your gifts with others to create an exponential impact on the planet.


When You Join The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method Certification...

Here's what you get:

Online Resources and Tools...

 The Prosperity Workshop with Kisma 

Kisma will host The Prosperity Workshop that will walk you through The Prosperity Code™.  These will be live and recorded and placed in your membership site.   [Value: $2,500]

Ticket to The Prosperity Code™ LIVE! 

To master a skill you need to be immersed in the teachings and in front of someone who lives what you value. You'll attend The Prosperity Code™ LIVE March 2024  in San Diego.   [Value: $1,111]

Online Weekly Self-Mastery Trainings [13 Weeks Worth]

Kisma will be delivering fresh new content weekly on how to elevate your intellect, master your thoughts so that you can manifest your modern day miracles. These trainings are new and have never been shared outside of her private coaching circles. [Value: $4,997]

Meditation Nation™- Kisma's Spiritual Tool Box of Clearings and Teachings for Self Mastery 

You need a go to place to choose the exact process and clearing to use for anxiety, stress, guilt, lack, and limiting beliefs— all of the low vibe stuff that can spiral you down. You'll have these processes for life right inside Meditation Nation.  [Value: $1997]

Access the Private Facebook Community

Group accountability and having a tribe of like-minded miracle workers is essential for staying in the flow. Spiritual teachers have called this synergetic mastermind effect many things but in this community, our focus will be elevating your vibration within the private Facebook community. [Value: $1,997]

There's more!


The Prosperity Code Level One Certification Process Begins September, 2023 

You'll have access to 7 Coaching Code Calls, One Energy Code Call, and 3 Coaching Code Accelerator Calls, that are designed to teach you specific skills, tools, and body language to be one of the most effective coaches on the planet. This is a big promise, because that is the intensity of the program.  [Value: $10,000]

Templates for Coaching Sessions and Required Framework

We'll give you the exact tools, templates, and systems you need to lead a high value coaching session and to navigate your own growth.  Kisma will also give you a clear and concise framework on what you need to accomplish in order to complete certification  [Value: $3000]

Certificate of Completion and Path for Yearly Certification

Once you've walked the Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method Certification Phase Two and accomplished all that is required, you'll receive a Certificate of Completion for Coaching. 

NOTE: You may also audit this program and not be required to submit OmWork.

The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method Certification Workbook 

You'll receive a printed version of our 109 page workbook that has our Coaching Aikido Method, and all the unique tools and skill taught inside Certification. This is for Certification members only. Auditors will receive pdf. [Value: $528]

Coaching Aikido melted my brain. I’m still recovering. I love it!

"These trainings have just been incredible. This course couldn’t have happened at a better time. My conversations are improved with my spouse, and at work. It has made me a better listener and more productive at work."

- Shanna G  SoulCollage(R) Facilitator & Artist

Unlock access to these exclusive bonuses, only for The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method Community

The Money Mindset Amplifier

($1111 value)

If you want to learn to effectively self-coach for your own greatness, become a coach, OR expand your capabilities and skills in your current coaching business, understanding the energy of money is ESSENTIAL.
 Coaching is a BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. Yet few coaches find their way to freedom. 

MMA will heal your money wounds and amplify your abundance— essential for business.

365 Daily Abundance Drops™

What can I say? I want to be in your ear every day— and yes, for ONE year.  You'll receive text or email (you choose) to have a dose of magic delivered first thing every morning. Consistency is key and creates potency in your transformation. [Value: $997]

The Prosperity Code™ LIVE! March 2024 in San Diego

($1,111 value)

Our culmination of togetherness will happen at The Prosperity Code LIVE! in March,  2024. This will be an experience of enlightenment, prosperity, and community.

Total Value of The 
Prosperity Code Coaching Method™
Total Value: $27,710    Investment: $4,997   

Regular Tuition:  $4,997 
Limited Time Offer:  $2497   (4 payments of $624.25)

Click Get Started to see the Paid in Full Discount.


You can trust us!

Enjoy Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you’ve gone through the self-spiritual coaching curriculum and you don’t find yourself rapidly accelerating your self-mastery and seeing new abilities to create miracles on demand, we’ll issue you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

I have more clarity, energy and access to my intuition

“Working with Kisma in The Prosperity Code™ helped me to have better relationships, inspire my students and get my first paying client outside of my full time job. I have more clarity, energy and access to my intuition—my productivity has increased and I am reaching my goals faster through a greater understand of my purpose."

Meg Paul

Performer, Choreographer, Coach


Here’s what our amazing clients have to say about working with Kisma...

Meet Kisma...

Your Prosperity Code™ Mentor

Kisma Orbovich, Creator of The Prosperity Code™, CEO of Illumination Academy™ and Co-host of Illumination Podcast™ is an expert at helping CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and professionals master their life and business through understanding the principles of the Spiritual and Universal Laws.

She is co-host of her own award winning podcast, Illumination Podcast with Nick and Kisma. Having produced her own live events, such as The Prosperity Code Live™ and The Miracle Codes Live™, Kisma is a sought after guest speaker and teacher across industries.

She’s a philosopher with a unique gift for teaching complex universal laws and making them applicable in everyday life and business. Her  personal studies that make her a powerful mentor include studying at an Ashram in India, and harnessing the powerful edge of intuition.

Kisma's private clients are multiple 6, 7 and 8 figure earners and they use her teachings to create success in business, relationships and life. She’s also been featured in:

  • Thrive Global
  • ​Well + Good
  • ​iHeartRadio

Kisma’s passion and purpose is to teach you how to create miracles on demand. Her new proprietary self-spiritual coaching methodology The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method will give you the tools and the instruction manual to make it happen.

Here's the Breakdown...

This is everything you’ll get when you join

The Prosperity Workshop with Kisma 

Online Weekly Self-Mastery Trainings

365 Daily Abundance Drops

Meditation Nation Spiritual Coaching Toolbox

Access to the Private Facebook Community

Money Mindset Amplifier™

The Prosperity Code Live! March, 2024

Phase 2 PCCM Certification September-October 2023

$2,500 Value

$4,997 value

$997 value

$1997 value

$1,997 value

$1,111 value

$1,111 value

$13,000 value

2 Prosperity Workshops with Kisma

Online Weekly Self-Mastery Trainings

365 Daily Abundance Drops

Meditation Nation Spiritual Coaching Toolbox

Access to the Private Facebook Community

Money Mindset Amplifier™

The Prosperity Code Live! March, 2024

Phase 2 PCCM Certification September-October 2023

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of more than


When you add it all up, that’s a total value of more than


Total Value of The 
Prosperity Code Coaching System
Investment: $4,997 

Limited Time Offer:  $2497   (4 payments of $624.25)

Click Get Started to see the Paid in Full Discount.


You can trust us!



How much time should I plan to dedicate to this program?

As little as 5 minutes a day or as much as several hours per week. It’s all up to you. Go through the teachings and the techniques with a fine tooth comb or pick and choose the content that’s most relevant to you in the moment.

How long is the program?

This program begins now with you going through 12 modules of online content. During this time you’ll build your ability to think with prosperous thought and manifest miracles on demand. The container is intentionally short because of the power and effectiveness of the content being taught within. This set of skills is simple yet extremely potent. It’s the most important st of skills you can invest in, practice, and master to create a life of joyful prosperity.  Then, we will meet up for the Certification Live Portion which is 7 weeks of  LIVE Coaching Code Calls, Energy Code Call plus Accelerator Coaching Calls if you are in certification. 

What is the investment? Is there a payment plan?

We have a monthly payment plan of $624.50 per month for 4 months or a pay-in-full savings option of $2,000

Will I get to work with Kisma directly?

Kisma will be offering bi-weekly group coaching calls, weekly live miracle trainings, and lots of recorded content. There is no personal 1:1 time with Kisma included in the program. The purpose of this program is to give you the tools and techniques that only self-spiritual coaching can offer which are taught in the most convenient and cost-effective way in The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method.

Is this program really for me?

Whether you’re brand new to the cosmic playground of manifesting or you are a  seasoned spiritual seeker looking to add a new level of self-mastery to your toolbox, this program is right for you. It’s the most foundational manifestation training program on the market because it gives you the power to work with the Universal and Spiritual Laws so that life happens for you, not to you. 

If I have a Coaching Business or want to become a coach, will this help me?

YES! One of the things Kisma is most passionate about is helping people to have greater self awareness and higher consciousness. Whether you've been coaching for years or want to start a coaching business, your own Self Mastery is key. As well, you'll have teachings and tools to utilize  for your clients.

What if I’ve already invested in other coaching or group programs?

You’re always exactly where you need to be. This program is specifically designed for those who have read books, hired coaches, and participated in programs before -- who want to become their own guide and mentor for the daily life stuff that makes manifesting consistently hard to accomplish. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with hiring coaches and working through programs. Self-spiritual coaching and The Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method gives you the independent miracle-making skills to activate your own divine nature and live by your Divine Operating System.

What is Kisma’s teaching style?

Kisma’s own commitment to her deep metaphysical journey combined with her practical outlook and lightness of spirit make her teaching style both accessible and profound. She’s often sought out as the spiritual mentor people need when they’ve hit upper limits with other coaching and spiritual guides -- or after they’ve experienced some form of “spiritual burnout” from approaches that are too westernized. Kisma’s focus is always grounded in Source energy while incorporating the simple, practical techniques to bridge your internal reality and your external reality.

Total Value of The 
Prosperity Code™ Coaching Method is $27,710
$4,997  Regular Investment


Now Investment is Only: $2,497  (4  payments of $624.25)

Click below to see your discount  Paid in Full Option 


You can trust us!

Embody Self-Certainty, no matter what.

The Complete Self-Coaching Methodology and Certification to
Ignite Your Prosperity in All Ways— Wealth, Health, Love, & Spirituality

Self Coach Your Way to Anything You Want Using the Spiritual and Universal Laws 

Disclaimer about results being based on many variables.

Copyright 2023: Kisma Productions
Copyright 2023: Kisma Productions