It’s magical really.

Every second there is a conversation between white blood cells and your body to determine what virus, parasite or other foreign particles are a threat and need to be eliminated for optimum health.

Our eyes- ah…what needs to happen once you register a form? Millions of actions take place before your brain says “Ah, there she is, in the red dress!”

Yet day in and day out we seemingly refuse to revere our body for the miracle that it is. Some of us may stuff it with refined sugar, to get that instant high, others may numb our spirit with a bit too much alcohol and yet many of you may work your body so hard for that physical elite form, you forget it also needs love.

I’m not suggesting you radically change your lifestyle, in fact it’s not even my business. I’m here to suggest that as you heightened your intellect, master your emotions and increase the vibratory resonance of your field, you will intuitively start to shift what you put into your body and your body will thank you.

And, really important- dis-ease does not happen over night. Understanding the mental, emotional and physical energy bodies and how they interconnect is essential for health, happy living.

Now, let me be clear- I’m a realist in many ways. Personally I’ve created a very strict regimen of what I put into my body, however, I also want to enjoy life.

Chocolate? It’s got to happen- choose raw, organic.

A nice glass of wine? So lovely to connect with someone that way or celebrate life. (make it a good one and avoid using it as a numbing agent)

Exercise? Absolutely- with the intention of enjoyment, self love and awe in what the body can do.

Here’s a few ideas of what you can do NOW to embrace that miracle of a body and create more energy and self love for the very presence you hold each and every day:
  1. Never reject a part of your body- love your nose, your eyes, your butt, etc. Because if you reject or hate on a part of your body, you will be guided to destroy it.
  2. Give up refined sugar. Honestly- you will feel way better. It may take a few days or weeks but use things like Stevia, Local Honey and Palm Sugar.
  3. Drink SPRING water- not distilled and certainly nothing in those cheap plastic bottles. The word on the street is that as the bottles are still hot and forming shape, water is being blown into them- hence really nasty things that hit us on a hormonal level. Spring. Water.
  4. Grab some minerals for vitality. This is such a great place to start. You deplete in minerals rapidly under stress- so why not replenish as quickly and then engage that intellect to hold steady and strong?
  5. Exercise and breathe. Your breath is the prana in your body. So when you do yoga, walk, run, tennis, etc…develop a really good pattern and rhythm of breath. Let all that you do seep into every cell of your body.
  6. Never compare to another or judge another. This will fragment your soul energy and take you back to the emotions of drama and trauma.

I could go on- but as you see there are a few things that when embraced will shift your perception of this sacred vehicle you call you. Marry that with golden emotions of a high vibratory level and a stellar intellect and you are quite on your way of being YOU 2.0.