Have you ever thought about “shaping” your reality? It has a different nuance than manifesting.

We are ALWAYS manifesting…one of those things you don’t hear about in many teachings. Your thoughts are the seed of creation. They are ALWAYS doing something.

Like a garden in your mind— if the weeds are not pulled, they crowd out the roses.

Shaping your reality is something I think about as a right here and now adjustment— being an active participant.

I’ll start with my morning studies and meditations and begin to shape the day I want to have.

It’s a bit like placing an order to the Universe. Just like you might call in your dinner order to pick up, you call in your vibe of the day.

The more clear you are, the more magnetic the response.


Instead of, “I’m hungry, I think I’ll order food.”

It’s more like, “I’m ready for a Plant Power Burger, fries and vegan peanut butter shake!”

For instance, I’ll sit quietly and decide what kind of day I want to have.

I’ll place my order for focus, power, calm, love, prosperity. I’ll visualize what that looks like and me in it. Get into the feeling of it.

I’ll even write down, “Who do I need to be today in order to receive my order from Uni?”

This sets a matching frequency. You ask honestly who you need to be… do you need to stop judging and criticizing others? Yourself?

Are you seeing everything that is not working or are you focused on what is right before you with gratitude?

Once you set the tone of your day, you are agreeing to shape your day in a way that you desire.

If things get off track, pause. The pause gives you a moment to go back to shaping. Reminding yourself of the order you placed.

Try asking this key question:

Is my VIBE consistent with the order I placed for today?

If you get a no, pivot. Get back to actively shaping your reality.

Because let’s face it, if you are not going to choose to shape your life, the world is going to take over and shape it for you.

Be active in living your life. Choose who you want to be and what you want to have.

Rise above the noise.

Settle into your divine state of magnificence.

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