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Get actionable, soul-stirring wisdom from a successful spiritual coach and entrepreneur

Kisma will rouse you into action

With her background as a professional musician, entrepreneur, student of Vedanta philosophy, and coach to 8-figure business leaders, Kisma has a unique way of helping others see—and believe—what’s possible through the highest-level teachings of the Universe.

If you’re looking for a speaker who…

  • Understands the personal and professional challenges we all face
  • Shares powerful spiritual tools to unlock the power within
  • Captivates with a warm yet commanding style
  • Can inspire CEOs and entry-level professionals alike
  • Sparks amazing transformations in people’s lives

… you’ll adore Kisma.

“Kisma is always captivating, especially live. I walk away inspired and motivated, every time.”


Brand Consultant

Kisma’s potential talk topics:

    SPIRITUALITY - The Prosperity Code

    Unlocking The Prosperity Code

    Five steps to creating absolute abundance in any area of life

    WEALTH - The Prosperity Code

    How to Use the Universal Laws for Unlimited Success and Prosperity

    Revealing the exact Natural and Universal Laws you can use to create solutions on demand and expand your success exponentially 

    The Sacred Sales System

    The Sacred Sales System

    A spiritual, high-vibe approach to bringing in more sales with ease

    And so much more. Reach out below to have Kisma tailor a talk exclusively for your event.

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