One of the things I’m hearing quite a bit these days are words around fear, worry and apprehension. Frankly, it’s easy to take on other people’s panic if you’re not aware of what’s happening.

It’s even easier to take on the fear that is being broadcasted from the media.

conditioned mindWhen fear gets stuck in your field, confidence is the first thing to go. You’ll notice doubt sneaks in and causes uncertainty in your daily thoughts.

This creates a web of stickiness and one that is easy to believe in. Yet, it’s not the Truth as to who YOU really are.

In fact, you have a NATURAL self confidence… it is revealed when you step out of the conditioned mind that so easily draws from mental stories. These stories and assumptions are built upon one another like a big fat piece of vegan lasagne.

It’s time to devour that lasagne and put the divine chocolate mousse on your plate. The one that reminds you that you have access to all that is— but, you have to be willing to work with it.

Here are simple yet powerful statements that when used daily, will shift your thoughts, beliefs and field.

Speak them. Write them. Breathe them in. They are your CODE to confidence.

    1. I am aware that the Cosmic Universe is here for me. It responds to me. What I put out, it gives back.
    2. I am willing to discover these Universal Principles that spring forth, like water from the earth.
    3. The natural state of my divine human mind is free of doubt. I am willing to uncover this state of mind every single day.
    4. I am CAPABLE of living life with a new level of self assuredness. I call upon the unseen forces to help me realize this.
    5. I do not need to obey fearful ideas, suggestions and beliefs. I am willing to live with a Higher Truth.

So be it. In full faith.true self

Give it a try. It’s better than CNN. 😉

If you’re willing to be with these statements daily for one month, things will rapidly change for you.

It’s not wishful thinking, it’s you directing your thoughts in a way that brings a stronger sense of True Self back to you.

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