Miracles are subject to interpretation- there I said it. A broke man wins the lottery and he exclaims that he’s been given a miracle- yet within a year, due to his lack of wealth consciousness, he finds himself right back where he started pre-miracle- or even worse off.

The miracle of the faith- what you believe is your truth- so many who believe they will “see” the Holy One- does in fact create a holographic representation of just that. And often it is on a piece of white Wonderbread.


Is there such a thing? Or is it that our ENTIRE existence is a miracle? Think about it- we cut ourselves with a kitchen knife, what happens? Blood begins to coagulate, the healing process of the body takes place instantly.

Sometimes mother nature needs a little help with a bandaid or even stitches, yet…who is guiding this force of healing?

Your computer, your kindle your phone-all advanced technological systems, yet once again- WHO thought it up? And WHAT was the energy that allowed the thought process to take place?


Is there such a thing or is it that in fact our entire existence, our individuation of the Unique, Ultimate Energy- Source is the miracle?

Is it the energy that allows me to write as you read? Is it the substratum that interconnects us all, divinely placed in a perfect order?

Perhaps if we as humans wake up every morning and understand we live within and are an energy force of miracles we will begin to realize that everything is and always will be, a miracle.