One thing we know is that intuition is a buzz word these days. At any given moment in the coffee shops of Encinitas, CA you will heal a heart based entrepreneur or healer say “I just listen to my intuition”

Yet they are broke, struggling and in their own spiritual denial.

Intuition is my friend because I allow it to speak freely- not adjusting it’s volume or timbre to my desires. Yes, there have been times when I’ve “heard” the voice or had the “knowing” and I’ve looked up and said, “really?”

Yes Really it shouts back.

My scientist friends say that intuition is merely a bank of data from past experiences that show up as little red flag memories during a similar situation or experience. This is true- however- if take a bit of a quantum perspective- how many experiences do we have access to?

There is an interconnectedness between all of us and likely we’ve been around this game called life a few times before….

So our experiences to draw from are vastly numerous–as well this scientific view does not even take into account that we are actually talking about HIGHER sensory perception- not EXTRA sensory perception.


You have a Higher Self- a Full Potential that is you living, speaking acting from a higher dimension. You can look at this as the signal line to Source, Universe, God, Brahman, etc..whatever your word is for what I call the Unique Ultimate Energy

Turn your signal line on- ask questions. Be willing to take action. There is a team around you that guides you to choose in line with Order rather than chaos.

Listen-what do you hear?