Mindset To Get Your Prosperity Set

6 Week System to Ignite the Secret Forces of Success with Kisma Orbovich, of Illumination Academy™

What Is Prosperity Mindset?

Prosperity Mindset is what the ancient sages and teachers knew and taught. This is the mindset of MANIFESTING, of living with happiness, non-resistance and embodying what we call the Law of Increase.

Most mindset trainings are focused on stuffing positive thoughts, motivational memes and affirmations into your brain—yet they fail at this ONE key element which I'll teach in depth throughout this training, the Secret Forces.

"Kisma has a way of teaching that makes me want to stay involved in the course and experience the miracles. " 

— Lynne Knowings, High School Teacher, Grand Rapids, MI

"Kisma's coaching and teaching have allowed me to create space, wisdom and the right energetics to double my monthly income in my business." 

– Heather Wellsley, Entrepreneur, San Diego, CA

"The procrastination is over thanks to Kisma" 

— Mark Hoover, Founder of Make Your Business Work, Miami, FL

What's Included in This Training?

'Mindset to Get Your Prosperity Set' is a 6 Week System to Create the Ultimate Mindset for Success in All Areas Of Your Life:

  • Module 01: It's RIGHT to Be Prosperous! You'll learn why you have struggled to create prosperity in your life and why it's yours for the taking.
  • Module 02: The Divine Law of Prosperity. The Law of Attraction, as taught by many 'gurus' today, is flawed. There is a significant and deeper teaching within that allows you to RADIATE and ATTRACT. There's more to thinking, speaking and writing your manifestations—I'll teach you the SECRET ingredient in this module...
  • Module 03: Your Mind is an Energy Force. What you teach your mind is what it will expect. Discover how to re-direct your lower vibratory thoughts into a direct thought flow of brilliance and abundance.
  • Module 04: True and Prosperous Affirmations. Many people teach affirmations yet they unknowingly leave out the most important key element. Without this significant key, affirmations are short lived.
  • Module 05: The Law of Increase. This is it! Master this and your life will change forever for the better.
  • Module 06: The Energy of Charm and Gold Dust.Think about the infinite richness the Universe is created of. You are created of the same energy, the same gold dust. I'll teach you how to use the energy of CHARM to increase your GOLD DUST in all ways of prosperity. 
  • LIVE GROUP PROSPERITY CALLS: Join me for 5 LIVE Prosperity calls. During these sessions I'll dive deeper into the SECRET FORCES of Radiating Prosperity. Q/A time allotted for you. (all sessions recorded)
  • BONUS: Register TODAY and you will receive a special bonus: Eliminate the Worry Mindset clearing video. This is a clearing process to clear the negative program of worry and anxiety. You'll be able to listen to this again and again to create a clear and tapped in state for the present and most powerful moment, NOW. (Value of this clearing process is $528)
  • BONUS: One day live event with Kisma in San Diego or NYC. (Value: $2000)

Bottom line—Finally discover how it feels to have a Prosperous, Positive and Powerful Mindset and to bring into existence all that it can do for your life!

Why is Mindset to Get Your Prosperity Set Special and Significant?

We live in the INFORMATION world these days. What this means for you is that you are constantly and continually being bombarded with more 'stuff'. 

Yet there's a very special and significant teachng that most mindset 'gurus' don't know, and that is what is REMOVED is far more essential than what is acquired into your thought and belief process.

During our time together, you'll discover where your mind and personality have been conditioned to believe and even create in a limited way. I'll show you what's it's like to utilize your very own Secret Forces of Prosperity so that you can manifest and create freedom, abundance, love and health.

The Truth About Prosperity

Prosperity is more than money. It's an understanding that you are the architect of your life and that every part of your experience contributes to your prosperous creations.

"Great hearts send forth steadily the secret forces that incessantly draw great events." -Ralph Waldo Emerson