The foundation of Kisma’s style of coaching lies in the heart of India- Vedanta.  

She uniquely merges that with energetic technologies and Universal Law. Each course is designed to go through again and again to further embody the wisdom and knowledge.

“Working with Kisma in The Prosperity Code helped me to have better relationships, inspire my students and get my first paying client outside of my full time job.  I have more clarity, energy and access to my intuition—my productivity has increased and I am reaching my goals faster through a greater understand of my purpose.”

Meg Paul, Professor of Dance, Coach

“Kisma teaches the Universal Laws in a way no one else is doing. It’s grounded, spiritual and it really works because she has the key components. She’s caring yet holds her students and clients to the Truth. She has the keen ability to find the things that create a shift for people.   Overall I feel great!”

Nick Hansinger, President, Energy Mastery


If you want to really awaken your inner wealth wisdom and activate all the prosperity that is divinely yours—The Prosperity Code is the system that will uncover and solve all those layers of limiting beliefs that creep up and hold you back. This Code is a system of learning how to work WITH the Universal and Spiritual Laws, rather than against them—as most people are doing today. Once you incorporate these principles into your life, you will have a new level of prosperity consciousness and a mindset for success!

This is your fast cleanse to getting rid of those pesky money blocks that keep you spinning in the same karmic loop of money in and money out. As well, if you have that feeling of “not-enougness” it’s time to uplevel your own worthiness factor so you attract that cash (yep, you can also attract love, health and prosperity in all ways) This is deep work and gets to the root of your money stuff. Your soul will love you for stepping into The Karma Money Cleanse, as will your bank account.